Peter Tzemis


Here’s one of the most important lessons I can give you about what it takes to get and keep a body and life you love…

Just. Keep. Chopping. Wood.

In other words, don’t pay attention to the noise, the setbacks, or all the micro-losses that happen during games.

This is the EXACT SAME RECIPE for success in getting a body and life you love.

Step #1: Install a process and culture based on sound fundamentals.

Step #2: Keep. Chopping. Wood.

It’s not about being perfect!

It’s about blocking out the noise and “making the main thing the main thing.”

That’s what my new NeuroType Muscle Building program is all about. 

Sure, it includes the the latest discoveries in neuroscience, muscle building and peak performance – but more importantly It’s a culture. 

It’s a process. It’s a way of life. 

It’s won’t be ready for a few more weeks though. Only one 3 other people have seen the program. My biz partner and my private 10k clients. 

One guy, Charlie emailed me and offered $1k to have access to it early. 

I said no. It’s not fair to the other action takers here. But more importantly it’s just not up to my standards yet.

The important question is, will you be at the top of the pack when it comes to your body, health, and wellbeing for years to come?

Do you have a new process and a new culture that gives you the confidence to keep chopping wood? 

Being elite is a lifestyle, as is being average. You might as well start now.

I’m a pretty positive person and don’t usually think that using fear is a great way to motivate people- but I want to bring that to your attention.  People just don’t somehow end up that way either.

Their current situation is a result of choices they made/didn’t make EVERY DAY of their life. 

This is why the NOT to do list was created. 

It’s a list of all of the things you absolutely refuse to do, and then stick with it. I make one every year, but this year, I’m sharing it publicly for the first time. 

1. Do NOT watch porn 

Watching porn has been shown to crush your testosterone levels, screw up your brain chemistry, rob you of your time and basically make you an average sexless loser. If there is one habit to kick in 2018 it’s this. 

2. DO NOT hit snooze. Ever. 

You can sleep and continue to dream, get up and chase your dreams. You know which one I expect of you.

3. Failing to take consistent daily action 

When you are truly and authentically serious about your goals, you will make them your #1 priority, day in and day out.

While it seems obvious, most people, consciously or unconsciously, make their #1 goal their 5th priority. Hanging out with friends, watching TV, surfing the web, all take precedent.

Even worse, some people read about their goals day in and day out. Studying is good, but not when it  gets in the way of actually taking action.

To steal from one of my favorite writers…

Imagine if Lebron James spent more time reading about playing basketball, day dreaming about dunking, getting high with they crew, commenting/liking Facebook photos of their friends and watching ESPN.

They wouldn’t be shit. They wouldn’t even be in the NBA, not even Lebron.

Take ruthless, specific, directed action, every single day, no matter what.

4. DO NOT play excessive video game / Fantasy sports / watch TV

​​​​​​​Do I even need to explain why this is bad? 

5. DO NOT be fat/overweight 

I’ve talked about being fat, one million times before. It will destroy the love of life. If you are starting off the year overweight, now is time to make the change. 

6. DO NOT excessively drink

Moderate drinking is fine. 

Excessive alcohol on the other hand is pollution. It lowers your testosterone level and stresses your adrenal system.

It’s also an escape. You drink because you’re hiding from something.

The best way to stay a loser is to crawl into a bottle of booze or wine and hide like a little boy afraid of the dark.

7. NOT knowing your baseline T-levels 

Get this checked and know where you stand asap. It might be silently handicapping you. ​​​​​​​

The IMPERATIVE point of all this?

Just as it’s important to have those things in order to avoid building bad habits, it’s equally important to build good habits. 

A NOT to-do list will help you do just that.

So my question is, whats on your NOT to do list? 

I’m feeling inspired today as we reach the end of another awesome year… 

And I wanted to share these notes that motivate me and make me think:

1. Confidence is not “they will like me”… confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t.”

2. You can’t get rejected if you’re not trying to be accepted.

3. It’s better to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.

4. Don’t allow yourself to be a “kept” man – always know you have options, you can walk away at any time and be okay.

5. Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right things catch up to you.

6.Attraction is not a choice. It’s an instinct.

7. Don’t believe every quote you read on the internet – Gandhi

By the way, quotes are great, but make sure you AVOID falling into the trap of “mental masturbation.”

That’s where you read a quote or watch a video… get pumped up and motivated… and then do nothing.

Just like physical masturbation fools your brain into thinking you had real sex, when you really didn’t…

Mental masturbation fools your brain into thinking you accomplished something, when you really did nothing.

Keep that in mind – taking action matters more than being motivated or inspired.

Do the work, the rest will come in time.

Reading is one of those things that you need to do. It makes you a batter speaker, writer, problem solver and (I’ve been told) way more attractive to the ladies. 

So without further or do, here are my top 5 books for ambitious men in 2017.

1. The Hungry Brain by Stephen Guyenet

I normally don’t find fitness/health books that interesting or new. However this book, deep dives into the psychology of the brain and teaches us to outsmart the instincts that make us overeat (or learn to use them to our advantage)

2. Whatcha gonna do with that duck by Seth Godin

Read it. It’s weird, inspiring, and downright genius. 

3. Pyshco-cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz

I read this every January, and every single time, I learn something. If you haven’t, this is going to give you a serious success brain makeover. 

4. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson 

An all time role model of mine (for his creativity and ruthless execution), this is the probably the best thing I read and studied in 2017. 

5. No B.S. Time management for entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy

Struggling to get stuff done? This book will show you the most ruthless productivity methods known to man. This books isn’t for the easily offended.

You hear the…




of the monitor nearby.

Your health is critical, and you’ve only got a few hours left to live. You can feel your heartbeat and energy slide.

As you lie there, you start to look back on your life. You never made the change you wanted.

You stayed stuck in the same job, that same relationship, that same overweight body until now, the day you die.

You read books but never applied them. You planned diets, but you never followed them. 

You told yourself what you were going to do, psyched yourself up a thousand times, but you never did it. You started dozens if not hundreds of life changing escapades and then wilted.

As you lie there in your hospital bed, loved ones cycling in and out over the course of the day, what do you feel?




What would you give if you could go back to this moment – the one in which you’re reading this article – and do things differently.

Future you is not going to regret a lack of achievement or the absence of any one thing in your life.

The only thing you will regret is not trying.

Not striving. Not pushing through when the going got tough.

You won’t regret not making a million dollars; you’ll regret never starting that business or quitting that lousy job.

You won’t regret not marrying a supermodel; you’ll regret staying  in that dead-end relationship when you knew you could do better.

You won’t regret not looking like a bodybuilder; you’ll regret stopping at the drive through every night on your way home and living a lie. 

And this will happen to you.

You will die.

You will go through all of that on your own, in the quiet solitude of your own dwindling consciousness.

Unless you take the action that’s needed to change, to build the life and body you want…

The life and body you can be proud of.

Take action, today and everyday. 

And never settle. 

Anyone who has said they want more out of life, they want to make a change, and and they are ready to go for it.

And especially, any guy who has said they wanna build a badass body, date hotter women (or make your wife crave you), and become more confident.

If you’ve been on the “self improvement” path for longer than a week or two, and things aren’t dramatically changing for you yet, then…

You’re probably lying to yourself.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people say they want to change. But very few are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

In fact, very few even KNOW what it really takes.

And the reason they never figure it out, and they struggle forever, is because they are lying to themselves about their priorities.

They say they want to lose weight and get a six-pack, but they’re not willing to stop drinking and eating out all the time.

They say they want to make money and “build an empire” but they’re not willing to humble themselves and go through the pain of failure, over and over again. (which is mandatory for anyone who wants to succeed in business).

They say they want a hotter girlfriend, but they’re not willing to stop jerking off and staying home all the time, because they’re scared of rejection and social pressure.

Look, if you want change, and it’s not happening, then in some way or another, you are likely lying to yourself.

You’re just in love with the “idea” of change. You don’t want it as bad as you think you do.

Here’s the test…

If you want to to improve your fitness life (like most guys reading this)… are you willing to make it your #1 priority over everything else in your life?

Are you willing to say “fvck everything and everyone in my way… this is happening, or I’m gonna die trying.”

Are you willing to sacrifice being comfortable and safe, and give up your old way of doing things?

If not, then you’re not that serious, you’re just a wannabe…

But I’m willing to bet that you ARE serious.

That’s what I wanna see in every one of you…

I wanna see that EDGE… that fvcking “do or die” attitude… where you’d smash through a wall if that’s what it took to succeed.

That’s your true power as a man, and the world needs more of it from you.

I wanna see it, your girl wants to see it, your family wants to see it… 

Your future self wants to see it.

And there’s no better place to start than right here and now.

Like someone once said… “at the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.”

Make the commitment to yourself, first… and then watch how things suddenly start to unfold and go your way…

I’ll be back with a valuable tip for you tomorrow.

When you see it in your inbox, open it, read it, and take action on it ASAP.

Be ready to hit the ground running.

Do you have negative, sucky people in your life that always make fun of you try and bring you down, be-little your accomplishments, don’t have your back? 

But you know you let them because you’re “Friends”…

Or because you work together?

Or they’re family? 



It’s unhealthy for you and you need to get these people out of

your life as soon as possible.

Writing all these articles, keeps me evolving and improving as a man, which is one of the reasons I love to do it.

Well something curious happens when you improve yourself.

Some people don’t like it…

Some people are still in a negative space of mind, so they don’t want you to improve because if you do, it will mean that you may leave them for more positive people. 

Or that they’ll be reminded of how sucky their own life is… 

Misery loves company…

This happened to me very recently. A close friend of mine, started trying to put me down aboutaspects of my life and at first it bothered me.

When someone you care about is mean to you, that shit stings, and I for sure felt it.

But then I thought to myself (and you should do this too), the person is in a bad place, and rather than take their criticisms personally I should try and inspire them to be better…

So I simply said:

“Hey, that wasn’t cool what you said, sounds like you’re having a bad day, I understand. We all go through crap sometimes, but let’s not take it out on each other. We’re friends and we should have each others back.” 

She instantly changed, apologized and told me all the stuff that was going on with her. Now here’s what my message to her accomplishes.

It weeds out true friends, from bullshit haters.

 Everyone can be a dickhead sometimes, but when you call out a true friend in a calm assured manner, they usually apologize and realize they were being a dickhead.

But not a hater.

A hater won’t acknowledge their mistake, because they are deep down jealous of you, and trying to bring you down to their level of misery.


 Seriously, watch out for haters and negative people, because as you improve your life, you’ll get loads of these.

It’s just part of the self- development process. Your way of knowing you’re on the right track. Remember, it’s not you… It’s THEM

And NEVER dim your light for anyone…

According to a recent meta analysis, sperm counts have nose-dived over 52% since 1973. 

Where has the sperm gone?? 

Some chose to bury their heads under the sand and say that recorded sperm levels appear to be decreasing because we’re better at measuring sperm counts. 

Eh, that can partly explain it BUT that is definitely not the whole picture. 

 Prominent hormone experts explain plummeting sperm counts because men are just not as healthy as they used to be. 

Talk about a low blow. 

With all the endocrine disruptor chemicals in the environment it seems to be an uphill battle to rise from ‘average’ up to a ‘normal’ baseline sperm count. 

Oddly enough, eating more walnuts can help. 

First, scientists examined 117 healthy men between the ages of 21 and 35 who consumed Western style diets. 

Giving a group of these men 75 grams of walnuts daily resulted in better sperm motility, vitality, and morphology. Yes, it’s like their boys were injected with super soldier serum from Captain America.

The walnut groupa also saw a decrease in sperm with chromosomal abnormalities due to a greater intake of alpha-linolenic acid. 

Another study on older guys shows that walnuts have a protective effect when it came to prostate and vascular status. 

So, Why Walnuts? 

Walnuts are balanced with nutrients that correlate with male health and vitality. 

These nutrients include zinc, mangesium, and selenium – all which have been shown to increase sperm and testosterone production.

One serving a day will do the trick.

Your nuts will thank you later.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. — Marcus Aurelius

There are infinite opinions, variations, and tweaks, on what the best way to start your day is.

So if you’ve been thinking of starting one for yourself – I say don’t spend too long wondering what to pick. 

Whichever method you pick, know that having an MPR is a super helpful way to starting and maintaining high levels of energy and laser focus throughout the day.

So what is an MPR?

Simply it stands for a morning power routine. 

  • An effective Morning Power Routine creates a familiar/routined start to your day, which reinforces the human craving for consistency and security. Putting your mind at ease. Making you feel in control of your life path.
  • It applies the most effective for YOU elements, in the most suitable for YOU way, in a condensed time to prepare you mentally, physically and spiritually for the day ahead.
  • These elements also train your brain to be able to focus on demand. And they give you clarity about what you want to achieve with all your hard work.
  • You start each day with intent towards that big picture goal, rather than just hoping and wishing that your dreams will come true.

Without it, you are destined to fail. So then, how does one create and effective morning power routine?


1. Know your #1 goal or priority 

2. Write it out every single morning 

2. Take action on it every morning 

An MPR in action

Meet Bob. Bob’s #1 goal is to lose some belly fat and put on some muscle. So the first thing Bob should be doing is going to the gym. 

Now if Bob can’t get to the gym?

He can certainly wake up 15 minutes earlier and complete a short bodyweight workout. Then have extra time to pack a healthy lunch. 

Remember 1% improvements every single day, lead to a 365% improvement over the course of just 1 year. Imagine over a lifetime.

Your turn.

I have a ton of respect for my clients and partners. They’ve got businesses to run. They’re spinning a lot of plates.

> Some are writing long daily emails or doing high-production videos, establishing their brand.

> Others have got a staff of 20 or 30 to manage.

> Still others are training celebrities for their upcoming movie roles

But there’s one skill they all have which I want to pass along. They’re naturally good at project management, (even if they say they’re not.)

They know what the goal is, and they know “how to gett’er done.” 

The part I love to be a part of is when they’re challenged.

Maybe their clients transformation is slow…

Maybe they have cashflow problems…

Maybe they implemented a new ecommerce platform and it’s not quite living up to expectations…

Whatever it is, they’re on it. They don’t whine. They don’t offer up excuses. And they don’t point fingers.

You know what they do?

Implement “a workaround.”

Developing a “workaround mindset” is key.

A workaround may not be the perfect solution. It may not solve the entire problem.

But do not let that paralyze you.

Implementing a workaround allows you to regroup, do things right and… 

“Keep the wheels on the bus.”

For instance, one of my partners promotions was recently banned on FaceBook. The partner was obviously emotional when he told me, however he was back in  business within 24 hours.

One of my clients got injured on his job. In panic, he skyped me.  Within 12 hours, we had a whole new program developed to keep him on track with his goals.

The point I’m making is these problems are solvable. Developing fast “quick and dirty” workarounds are a key skill in your toolbox.

It’s ok to get freaked out for a bit, but just don’t let problems paralyze you. 

And most importantly…

 “Never, never, never give up.”