About Peter

For a long time, my job was to be a trainer, or coach. 98% Human, 2% Demigod, I, among other things, am a self-loving badass, author, speaker, entrepreneur, angel investor and coach who just so happens to work in the fitness space.

Status building and ego-stroking literature aside, let’s just establish that the vast majority of my clients have been ‘regular’ people with regular jobs who don’t care about performance, and just want to look fucking awesome. And it’s to those people that I’ve dedicated the majority of my career.

I spend my days working on secret projects that will make this site better, this business bigger, and expand the reaches of Project Shredded. I write articles, create countless products and come up with new systems.

All in all, I’m just a boy trying to leave a mark on the world. Every day, I do my best to keep this baby on the path to ultimate success. It’s pretty awesome, and I truly hope you’ll come along for the ride.