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PRIMARY: Profitable Email Marketing (Coming Soon)


Email is not dead, despite popular belief. In fact, it’s one of the most lucrative forms of direct response marketing on the planet… if you know how to use it.

Primary teaches you how to make subject lines irrelevant, and become the primary email people read and look forward to every day.

Build The Body Of A Badass

This 2,000 Year Old Lost secret, Sparks Muscle Growth, Shreds Fat And Re-Ignities Your Body’s Strength Sensitivity…Allowing You To Pack On Dense Muscle And Lose Fat Without Limit!

SPELLBOUND: Emotional experience marketing for maximum impact, income, and influence (Coming Soon)


It’s no surprises stories work in marketing. Buy why is it that some work better than others? And how do we turn boring stories, into captivating, converting machines? By weaving a spellbinding tale that seduces, inspires, and moves your buyers into action.

77 Laws Of Six Pack Abs 2.0

77 Laws Of Six Pack Abs 2.0

Discover the 77 ways to sculpt jaw dropping abs, torch ugly, stubborn belly fat, and look like a greek god… faster than you ever thought possible