Being elite is a lifestyle, as is being average. You might as well start now.

I’m a pretty positive person and don’t usually think that using fear is a great way to motivate people- but I want to bring that to your attention.  People just don’t somehow end up that way either.

Their current situation is a result of choices they made/didn’t make EVERY DAY of their life. 

This is why the NOT to do list was created. 

It’s a list of all of the things you absolutely refuse to do, and then stick with it. I make one every year, but this year, I’m sharing it publicly for the first time. 

1. Do NOT watch porn 

Watching porn has been shown to crush your testosterone levels, screw up your brain chemistry, rob you of your time and basically make you an average sexless loser. If there is one habit to kick in 2018 it’s this. 

2. DO NOT hit snooze. Ever. 

You can sleep and continue to dream, get up and chase your dreams. You know which one I expect of you.

3. Failing to take consistent daily action 

When you are truly and authentically serious about your goals, you will make them your #1 priority, day in and day out.

While it seems obvious, most people, consciously or unconsciously, make their #1 goal their 5th priority. Hanging out with friends, watching TV, surfing the web, all take precedent.

Even worse, some people read about their goals day in and day out. Studying is good, but not when it  gets in the way of actually taking action.

To steal from one of my favorite writers…

Imagine if Lebron James spent more time reading about playing basketball, day dreaming about dunking, getting high with they crew, commenting/liking Facebook photos of their friends and watching ESPN.

They wouldn’t be shit. They wouldn’t even be in the NBA, not even Lebron.

Take ruthless, specific, directed action, every single day, no matter what.

4. DO NOT play excessive video game / Fantasy sports / watch TV

​​​​​​​Do I even need to explain why this is bad? 

5. DO NOT be fat/overweight 

I’ve talked about being fat, one million times before. It will destroy the love of life. If you are starting off the year overweight, now is time to make the change. 

6. DO NOT excessively drink

Moderate drinking is fine. 

Excessive alcohol on the other hand is pollution. It lowers your testosterone level and stresses your adrenal system.

It’s also an escape. You drink because you’re hiding from something.

The best way to stay a loser is to crawl into a bottle of booze or wine and hide like a little boy afraid of the dark.

7. NOT knowing your baseline T-levels 

Get this checked and know where you stand asap. It might be silently handicapping you. ​​​​​​​

The IMPERATIVE point of all this?

Just as it’s important to have those things in order to avoid building bad habits, it’s equally important to build good habits. 

A NOT to-do list will help you do just that.

So my question is, whats on your NOT to do list? 


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