Today’s my 25th birthday and I thought it would be fun to reflect on a few pieces of wisdom I’ve learned and used. 

But I don’t want to share a generic list of self-help diarrhea that most fake guru’s vomit from their mouth…

I want to give you the information that has moved the needle for me. The LAWS that have actually made a difference in my life…

But first, I want to apologize. 

I want to apologize for not being around.

For being an absentee. 

For failing you. 

See, over the past year I’ve been hiding in my secret lab, working with my team… and refining our strategy for total world domination, in this infopolluted atmosphere. 


Because I’ve noticed a horrible trend. 

Everyone seems to be drowning in information, but starving for results…

And at the end of the day, results are what matter. So over the past 9 months, my team and I have been refining the strategy, focusing on one thing:


Giving you the information that actually works,even (and especially) if it’s difficult to swallow.

So you get results. Period. For now, though, let’s jump into 10 lessons from 25 years of living.

In no particular order…

1. Invest in yourself – 

this is the only investment that has consistently returned 10x for my mentors and I, year after year after year. Do not underestimate its power.

2. Keep it simple

Counting calories + training = fat loss/muscle gain

Look good + talk to girls = get laid

Solve a problem = money 

Stop with the tricks, hacks and tips. 

Just follow a formula, and DO THE WORK.

3. There is no excuse for being fat 

Spend 6-12 months counting your calories, get in shape and then cruise

Life will be better, I promise. 

4. Have skin in the game

Most people will tell you to get a mentor for free. They’re wrong. 

The greeks have a saying, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. People, especially successful people, don’t give something for nothing. 

By paying mentors, you achieve too things: 

1. You show them you are serious about learning, and they will teach you properly

2. You have skin in the game – which is often the missing ingredient to success

5. Money is not the only currency you need to build. 

Influence, status, and your network are all extremely valuable currencies that can be traded

You need to build them all

Your network is your net worth, is a tried and true fact.

6. There’s no plan B, only Plan A

By far the #1 regret in life is NOT trying and being afraid to fail.

Follow your instincts. They are correct. Don’t settle for plan B, when you have a plan A. It’s just a distraction.

Be all in – even if you fail, you won’t regret it. I promise.

7. Have fun 

If you are reading this, you are probably not normal. It’s a good thing, most of the time. The problem I see, and have myself, is not being able to let go and have fun.

This can take a significant toll on your mental health and ever performance. Not to mention, it’s good to have fun. We only get one life.

So here’s my prescription…

At least 2x a month, SCHEDULE SOME FUN.

This can be a new activity, experience, or just somethign you like to do. But you have to schedule it, stick to it and execute it. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but it should be memorable. Your goal(s) can wait until tomorrow.

As a good friend of mine once said:

Make sure you are alive and not just breathing.

8. Insecurity is your best friend

Let it motivate you, and help you burn the midnight oil. Because one day you won’t be insecure…

And while security is a nice feeling, it doesn’t get you going in the morning.

9. Every little bit counts

You will have days that you are just “on”. Everything is clicking, and you are CRUSHING your goals with 110% effort and enthusiasm.

Other days the magic will be gone. That’s okay. Not everyday is supposed to be perfect.

The trick is to make sure you just do something on those days. It’s better than doing nothing and then regretting it.

Because the fact is this, having a day where you give 25% effort is still better than nothing. In fact, it’s far more compounding than that.

If your #1 goal is to [BLANK] – doing [something] is better than doing nothing that day.

Don’t confuse laziness with needing a rest day.

Earn your rest days.

10. Take action

I hate vomiting cliché personal development advice, but taking action is the #1 secret to getting anything and everything you want in life.

Pick a goal or two, and put as much time, effort, energy, and thought into achieving it as you can. Obsesses over it. Trim the fat; the toxic relationships, the time wasting video games…

I’ll even go as far as to say STOP READING ABOUT IT

Reading about something isn’t taking action

It’s not even considered learning, because learning is part of experience

And experience is a by-product of ACTION

So stop reading my blog



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