The nutrition world is confusing… especially for men. 

Eat carbs in the AM. No the PM is better. High fat, kept diets are better. Skip breakfast. Have a massive breakfast.

Eat 3 meals a day. Eat 1 big meal a day. Eat 6-12 smaller meals a day.

Just thinking about all of it is making me confused!

So after years of research and trial & error…

The 7 deadly sins of modern male nutrition

1. Using Diets Made for Sedentary Women

2.Taking “You Gotta Eat Big to Get Big” Too Far

3. Eating Like a Pro Bodybuilder

4. Drinking Too Much Beer

5. Thinking You Can Eat Like Your Teenaged Self Forever

6. “Cutting” When There’s Nothing Underneath to Show Off

7. Becoming Complacent

Unfortunately too many men are committing more than half of these sins on a daily basis… and it’s silently destroying their testosterone and life.  

What I continually hear from guys is that they have a body resistant to building muscle or burning fat.

I hear them (maybe you) talk about bad genetics…

Too many guys think they have bodies that cannot build muscle or burn fat.

The truth is this: They’re just lacking the right fuel for their body to optimize their male hormonal profile.

That’s the magic of eating like a man.


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