Do you have negative, sucky people in your life that always make fun of you try and bring you down, be-little your accomplishments, don’t have your back? 

But you know you let them because you’re “Friends”…

Or because you work together?

Or they’re family? 



It’s unhealthy for you and you need to get these people out of

your life as soon as possible.

Writing all these articles, keeps me evolving and improving as a man, which is one of the reasons I love to do it.

Well something curious happens when you improve yourself.

Some people don’t like it…

Some people are still in a negative space of mind, so they don’t want you to improve because if you do, it will mean that you may leave them for more positive people. 

Or that they’ll be reminded of how sucky their own life is… 

Misery loves company…

This happened to me very recently. A close friend of mine, started trying to put me down aboutaspects of my life and at first it bothered me.

When someone you care about is mean to you, that shit stings, and I for sure felt it.

But then I thought to myself (and you should do this too), the person is in a bad place, and rather than take their criticisms personally I should try and inspire them to be better…

So I simply said:

“Hey, that wasn’t cool what you said, sounds like you’re having a bad day, I understand. We all go through crap sometimes, but let’s not take it out on each other. We’re friends and we should have each others back.” 

She instantly changed, apologized and told me all the stuff that was going on with her. Now here’s what my message to her accomplishes.

It weeds out true friends, from bullshit haters.

 Everyone can be a dickhead sometimes, but when you call out a true friend in a calm assured manner, they usually apologize and realize they were being a dickhead.

But not a hater.

A hater won’t acknowledge their mistake, because they are deep down jealous of you, and trying to bring you down to their level of misery.


 Seriously, watch out for haters and negative people, because as you improve your life, you’ll get loads of these.

It’s just part of the self- development process. Your way of knowing you’re on the right track. Remember, it’s not you… It’s THEM

And NEVER dim your light for anyone…


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