According to a recent meta analysis, sperm counts have nose-dived over 52% since 1973. 

Where has the sperm gone?? 

Some chose to bury their heads under the sand and say that recorded sperm levels appear to be decreasing because we’re better at measuring sperm counts. 

Eh, that can partly explain it BUT that is definitely not the whole picture. 

 Prominent hormone experts explain plummeting sperm counts because men are just not as healthy as they used to be. 

Talk about a low blow. 

With all the endocrine disruptor chemicals in the environment it seems to be an uphill battle to rise from ‘average’ up to a ‘normal’ baseline sperm count. 

Oddly enough, eating more walnuts can help. 

First, scientists examined 117 healthy men between the ages of 21 and 35 who consumed Western style diets. 

Giving a group of these men 75 grams of walnuts daily resulted in better sperm motility, vitality, and morphology. Yes, it’s like their boys were injected with super soldier serum from Captain America.

The walnut groupa also saw a decrease in sperm with chromosomal abnormalities due to a greater intake of alpha-linolenic acid. 

Another study on older guys shows that walnuts have a protective effect when it came to prostate and vascular status. 

So, Why Walnuts? 

Walnuts are balanced with nutrients that correlate with male health and vitality. 

These nutrients include zinc, mangesium, and selenium – all which have been shown to increase sperm and testosterone production.

One serving a day will do the trick.

Your nuts will thank you later.


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