I have a ton of respect for my clients and partners. They’ve got businesses to run. They’re spinning a lot of plates.

> Some are writing long daily emails or doing high-production videos, establishing their brand.

> Others have got a staff of 20 or 30 to manage.

> Still others are training celebrities for their upcoming movie roles

But there’s one skill they all have which I want to pass along. They’re naturally good at project management, (even if they say they’re not.)

They know what the goal is, and they know “how to gett’er done.” 

The part I love to be a part of is when they’re challenged.

Maybe their clients transformation is slow…

Maybe they have cashflow problems…

Maybe they implemented a new ecommerce platform and it’s not quite living up to expectations…

Whatever it is, they’re on it. They don’t whine. They don’t offer up excuses. And they don’t point fingers.

You know what they do?

Implement “a workaround.”

Developing a “workaround mindset” is key.

A workaround may not be the perfect solution. It may not solve the entire problem.

But do not let that paralyze you.

Implementing a workaround allows you to regroup, do things right and… 

“Keep the wheels on the bus.”

For instance, one of my partners promotions was recently banned on FaceBook. The partner was obviously emotional when he told me, however he was back in  business within 24 hours.

One of my clients got injured on his job. In panic, he skyped me.  Within 12 hours, we had a whole new program developed to keep him on track with his goals.

The point I’m making is these problems are solvable. Developing fast “quick and dirty” workarounds are a key skill in your toolbox.

It’s ok to get freaked out for a bit, but just don’t let problems paralyze you. 

And most importantly…

 “Never, never, never give up.”


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