Here’s one of the most important lessons I can give you about what it takes to get and keep a body and life you love…

Just. Keep. Chopping. Wood.

In other words, don’t pay attention to the noise, the setbacks, or all the micro-losses that happen during games.

This is the EXACT SAME RECIPE for success in getting a body and life you love.

Step #1: Install a process and culture based on sound fundamentals.

Step #2: Keep. Chopping. Wood.

It’s not about being perfect!

It’s about blocking out the noise and “making the main thing the main thing.”

That’s what my new NeuroType Muscle Building program is all about. 

Sure, it includes the the latest discoveries in neuroscience, muscle building and peak performance – but more importantly It’s a culture. 

It’s a process. It’s a way of life. 

It’s won’t be ready for a few more weeks though. Only one 3 other people have seen the program. My biz partner and my private 10k clients. 

One guy, Charlie emailed me and offered $1k to have access to it early. 

I said no. It’s not fair to the other action takers here. But more importantly it’s just not up to my standards yet.

The important question is, will you be at the top of the pack when it comes to your body, health, and wellbeing for years to come?

Do you have a new process and a new culture that gives you the confidence to keep chopping wood? 


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