While you probably only thing about them when you are dipping them in melted butter, lobsters have an important lesson to teach us when it comes to wining the game of fitness and life. 

In territorial battles, lobsters have ways of avoiding combat – because it can end poorly for both parties. 

However when combat happens, the winning lobster sometimes develops a new brain and it’s reflected in their postures.

They stand up straight extending it’s appendages looking tall and dangerous. This is due to the neurochemistry in the new brain. The new winners brain allows the lobster to get the best women, food and territory.

When a defeated lobster regains courage to fight its more likely to lose because of it’s new brain chemistry. 

The winning lobster on the other hand, is more likely to win due to its new and improved brain chemistry.

Humans brains can also rewire to a winning lobster’s brain (and they don’t have to be from beating up an opponent.)  

The easiest way?

Stand up straight with your shoulders back. 

This posture will cause serotonin to flow through your body – making you calmer, stronger and more resilient. 

People will start to assume you are competent and able. 

Embolded by the new positive responses you are now receiving, you will become less anxious, you’re conversations will flow better and you will meet and impress more people. 

As a result better things will happen to you feeding the new winning feedback loop.

You will take better care of yourself, attract better mates and end up making more money. 

And it’s a simple as the wisdom from the 350 million year old wining lobster’s brain. 

Stand up straight with your shoulders back. 


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