What is more important for building your body: Nature or nurture?

In my opinion: Neither 

I have seem, worked with and met people from all walks of life. And you know what? Every type of person can be successful and unsuccessful. So to me it is not about nature or nurture…

It’s about choice.

The people who are successful decide they are going to be successful. They make that choice. 

And more imprtantly, they make other good choices as well. They decided to eat clean. They decided to train hard. They decided to wake up early and crush it. Not once, but everyday.

They choose who they want to become – they aren’t inhibited by nature or nurture. They overcome both.

The best part?

It’s never too late to make that choice. You are never too (insert excuse here) to decide where you are going to focus your efforts and push to make the most out of every situation. 

Think about where you are going and choose.

Don’t let nature or nurture make you.

Choose to MAKE. YOUR. SELF.


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