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Your stuff is fantastic. Since implementing your stuff my life has EXPLODED. Girls can’t get enough of me, I’ve gotten a raise at work and I feel freakin’ awesome all the time. No aches, no energy crashes – just pure badassary. 

Thank you. 

Here’s my question: I’m struggling to lose the last 10 pounds, forever. I have dieted down before and gotten in great shape, but I always out it back on. So, how the heck do I lose those last 10 pounds… FOREVER.




AJ, my man… way to take action brother!

You have become a true symbol for everything I preach here at fitness advice daily.

What your asking for the answer to mastering your own body. And here’s the secret…

Figure out what is SUSTAINABLE.

Those who achieve their body composition goal and maintain it are those who can stick with the changes they make in the long run.

Sure, you can cut huge amounts of carbs and fats, basically surviving on only protein and stimulants, and you’ll lose fat pretty fast. 

But such an approach can’t be sustained, and it’ll make you feel like crap.Then once you’ve had enough you’ll rebound the other way – the yo-yo phenomenon.

Instead, choose an eating structure that fits your natural tendencies, and find foods that’ll help you reach a better body comp while being enjoyable.

I like to be in a calorie deficit and very strict monday to friday mod day so then I can splurge the friday – sunday night. My clients also enjoy that method as well. 

Another thing I have been testing is that, we (my clients and I) complete a lengthy reverse dieting phase – which has given amazing health benefits and seems to guarantee that the fat loss is indeed forever.

While you probably only thing about them when you are dipping them in melted butter, lobsters have an important lesson to teach us when it comes to wining the game of fitness and life. 

In territorial battles, lobsters have ways of avoiding combat – because it can end poorly for both parties. 

However when combat happens, the winning lobster sometimes develops a new brain and it’s reflected in their postures.

They stand up straight extending it’s appendages looking tall and dangerous. This is due to the neurochemistry in the new brain. The new winners brain allows the lobster to get the best women, food and territory.

When a defeated lobster regains courage to fight its more likely to lose because of it’s new brain chemistry. 

The winning lobster on the other hand, is more likely to win due to its new and improved brain chemistry.

Humans brains can also rewire to a winning lobster’s brain (and they don’t have to be from beating up an opponent.)  

The easiest way?

Stand up straight with your shoulders back. 

This posture will cause serotonin to flow through your body – making you calmer, stronger and more resilient. 

People will start to assume you are competent and able. 

Embolded by the new positive responses you are now receiving, you will become less anxious, you’re conversations will flow better and you will meet and impress more people. 

As a result better things will happen to you feeding the new winning feedback loop.

You will take better care of yourself, attract better mates and end up making more money. 

And it’s a simple as the wisdom from the 350 million year old wining lobster’s brain. 

Stand up straight with your shoulders back. 

What is more important for building your body: Nature or nurture?

In my opinion: Neither 

I have seem, worked with and met people from all walks of life. And you know what? Every type of person can be successful and unsuccessful. So to me it is not about nature or nurture…

It’s about choice.

The people who are successful decide they are going to be successful. They make that choice. 

And more imprtantly, they make other good choices as well. They decided to eat clean. They decided to train hard. They decided to wake up early and crush it. Not once, but everyday.

They choose who they want to become – they aren’t inhibited by nature or nurture. They overcome both.

The best part?

It’s never too late to make that choice. You are never too (insert excuse here) to decide where you are going to focus your efforts and push to make the most out of every situation. 

Think about where you are going and choose.

Don’t let nature or nurture make you.

Choose to MAKE. YOUR. SELF.

Yesterday I was skimming through my emails and an ambitious action taker posed a question that got me thinking…

Here’s what he said –



Love reading your fitness advice daily – it has helped me lose over 27lbs of fat and reclaim the life I was destined to have. Girls can’t keep there hands of me and guys constantly ask me what’s my secret (I tell them it’s you haha!)

Anyways, I’ve been so close to getting six pack abs (I still have a four pack) but wondering how much longer I need to diet for until I get there? 

I know it’s a process but it would be nice to have a timeline to know when I should expect my abs to finally POP. 

Thanks again,

James T., Arizona. 


James, thank you for the kind words – and for steering souls in the right direction over here. Not all of them will stay, but those that do, will join us at the top!

To answer your question James, is a little but complicated.

Joining the six pack club requires two ingredients:

A) Low levels of body fat

B) Developed deep abdominal muscles.

One without the other is no good. It seems you have good deep ab work (since you have a 4 pack) but are lacking the last little bit of fat loss.

On average you can lose 1-2lbs of fat per week (closer to 1lb as we get closer to 6 pack status.) You’ll need to get down to a TRUE 10% body fat to guarantee you have six pack abs. 

Here’s a handy chart to help you (and everyone else here).


Now a reminder, this is a guideline – you may achieve six pack status faster or slower depending on many lifestyle factors. 

​​​​​​​Just remember to never give up.

That’s how you are guaranteed to join the six pack club.

A friend of mine wanted to go back to school and learn how to write computer code. It was a 6 month commitment, to learn a skill he had wanted to learn for years.

But he was hesitant to take the class, thinking he didn’t have the time, maybe he should wait until she was ready.

My advice:

In 6 months, you will either know how to code, or not. But that time is gonna pass by either way.

Might as well spend it doing something that matters do you.

What about you?

Where will you be in 6 months? What matters most to you right now?

And have you ever made the same excuses my friend was making?

“I don’t have the time”

“I’ll wait until I’m ready.”

Here’s a cold, hard truth that will make you a better person: You will never, ever be “ready” to do the things you wanna do.

You’ll never be ready to melt the tire around your waistline and start changing your life. 

You’ll never be ready to approach that super hot girl.

You’ll never be ready to start piling on muscle and commanding respect and awe from everyone. 

You’ll never be ready to get married and have kids.

Successful people don’t wait around until they feel “ready”…

They jump in with both feet and just get on with it.

I mean, come on, the woman or body of your dreams is never gonna just fall into your lap someday…

You already know you’ve got to go out there and make it happen…

So if you’re not taking steps to make it happen, you’re wasting time.

The tragedy is, when it comes to changing your body..

It’s not even that hard! It only seems that way before you take the first step.

But you gotta take action and go for what you want, no matter how “ready” you feel or how long it might take.

Time will pass by either way, you can’t stop that from happening.

And all of us are only getting older.

Where will you be in 6 months? Whatever your path leads, get started today.

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