Muscle Building


My grandmother, my dad’s mom, passed away in February of 2018. She had been declining for a long time; dementia, in a wheelchair, had to be put into assisted living.

She was a shell of herself when she passed away, and could no longer speak. She had a full life, had great successes, has grown children and grand children. 

But at the end of her life, and the way she came to her end, she had no idea what was going on anymore. My Mother, she asked me before she passed away, “Why do you think she declined so fast?”

My answer-“Gravity”. As ridiculous as it may sound, that is why. 

Gravity and health

Gravity is an omnipresent force, it is pulling us down closer to the earth every second of our lives.

Understanding this is a “First Principle” to understanding your health. I am not describing things in analogies, but as they actually are. Gravity is why the human body has muscle, it is why organisms grow UP towards the sky.

Its also why your heart must be strong enough to pump blood throughout your body, it is why your bones are as strong they are. It is why we develop arthritis as we age, and why it becomes harder to stand upright the weaker we become. Gravity is why our bodies have WEIGHT that is measurable.

Gravity is why excess weight is damaging to our skeletons and internal health. It becomes clear why a lack of exercise, muscle, and physical strength are so debilitating.

It becomes clear why hours and hours of sitting is not good for us. Not only does it dramatically lower our metabolism, but in the long term, it degrades our ability to move. 

Your cells don’t count time

How do you counteract gravity then? 

You build muscle and develop strength. Muscle is the Holy Grail of Health.The more muscular and stronger you are, the more resistant your body is to gravity and the effects of aging.

Aging, more often that not is a lack of muscle to resist gravity, instead of the “time” you have been on earth. 

Your cells do not know time. Which means that you can be 80, while looking and feeling like 50, or 40 or even 30. 

Remember that, next time you think about skipping the gym.