It’s important to take the emotion out of this process sometimes. Being overweight, out of shape, or unhealthy is not “bad” or “shameful.” It’s your body’s response to the environment you live in.

If you take a wolf out if its natural environment and domesticate it, you end up with a dog. If you do that for generations, you end up with an overweight, short, unhappy, useless dog who is prone to disease. The landscape changed and the animal responded.

Isn’t that what’s happening to you? And in a way, to us all? Look around—we’re domesticating ourselves! 

Wolves eat real food and dogs eat kibble. Humans used to eat real food and now we eat kibble too. Add to that a pathological level of sedentism, poor sleep, and a lot of chronic stress. 

Our Modern Life Is A Recipe For The Negative Consequences You’re Witnessing In Your Body.

Those negative changes are by design, by the way. Your body is trying to communicate with you, to let you know that things around you need to change. If you change the inputs in an authentic way, you’re guaranteed to see a change in the outputs.

One of the beauties of the human body is its unbelievable resiliency. 

You can undo significant damage from decades of exposure to a destructive landscape in a few short months. All you have to do is learn how to navigate this new environment. To leverage its opportunities and avoid its destructiveness.

You get to provide yourself with the chance to roll-back the domestication process you’ve been subjecting to yourself to.

In doing so, you will recover both your body and your life.


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