Yesterday I was skimming through my emails and an ambitious action taker posed a question that got me thinking…

Here’s what he said –



Love reading your fitness advice daily – it has helped me lose over 27lbs of fat and reclaim the life I was destined to have. Girls can’t keep there hands of me and guys constantly ask me what’s my secret (I tell them it’s you haha!)

Anyways, I’ve been so close to getting six pack abs (I still have a four pack) but wondering how much longer I need to diet for until I get there? 

I know it’s a process but it would be nice to have a timeline to know when I should expect my abs to finally POP. 

Thanks again,

James T., Arizona. 


James, thank you for the kind words – and for steering souls in the right direction over here. Not all of them will stay, but those that do, will join us at the top!

To answer your question James, is a little but complicated.

Joining the six pack club requires two ingredients:

A) Low levels of body fat

B) Developed deep abdominal muscles.

One without the other is no good. It seems you have good deep ab work (since you have a 4 pack) but are lacking the last little bit of fat loss.

On average you can lose 1-2lbs of fat per week (closer to 1lb as we get closer to 6 pack status.) You’ll need to get down to a TRUE 10% body fat to guarantee you have six pack abs. 

Here’s a handy chart to help you (and everyone else here).


Now a reminder, this is a guideline – you may achieve six pack status faster or slower depending on many lifestyle factors. 

​​​​​​​Just remember to never give up.

That’s how you are guaranteed to join the six pack club.


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