A friend of mine wanted to go back to school and learn how to write computer code. It was a 6 month commitment, to learn a skill he had wanted to learn for years.

But he was hesitant to take the class, thinking he didn’t have the time, maybe he should wait until she was ready.

My advice:

In 6 months, you will either know how to code, or not. But that time is gonna pass by either way.

Might as well spend it doing something that matters do you.

What about you?

Where will you be in 6 months? What matters most to you right now?

And have you ever made the same excuses my friend was making?

“I don’t have the time”

“I’ll wait until I’m ready.”

Here’s a cold, hard truth that will make you a better person: You will never, ever be “ready” to do the things you wanna do.

You’ll never be ready to melt the tire around your waistline and start changing your life. 

You’ll never be ready to approach that super hot girl.

You’ll never be ready to start piling on muscle and commanding respect and awe from everyone. 

You’ll never be ready to get married and have kids.

Successful people don’t wait around until they feel “ready”…

They jump in with both feet and just get on with it.

I mean, come on, the woman or body of your dreams is never gonna just fall into your lap someday…

You already know you’ve got to go out there and make it happen…

So if you’re not taking steps to make it happen, you’re wasting time.

The tragedy is, when it comes to changing your body..

It’s not even that hard! It only seems that way before you take the first step.

But you gotta take action and go for what you want, no matter how “ready” you feel or how long it might take.

Time will pass by either way, you can’t stop that from happening.

And all of us are only getting older.

Where will you be in 6 months? Whatever your path leads, get started today.


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