Inconsistency leads to a slippery slope into the darkness of bad habits. Too many people come to me with the problem of inconsistency. They have these spurts of greatness and then drop off.

It makes them frustrated, and struggle to make progress. They know what they need to do. Sometimes they even do what they need to do. But not consistently enough.

Does that sound like you? If so, then you the solution begins with switching your mindset about yourself. 

What would a high-performer do every day?

A high performer would get up at the same time… 

A high performer would stick to their diet… 

A high performer would perform with excellence at work… 

A high performer would be a leader … 

A high performer would eat for energy… 

A high performer would stay active and in shape… 

A high performer would love their partner… 

A high performer would make time to be physically and mentally present for their children and friends…

A high performer would be grateful for all they had, including their opportunity to do better…

And a high performer would get to bed on time to recover for the next day’s high performance.

You Are a high performer.

Therefore you must do these things. You must believe that you can do these things.

And then you must take action – consistently – on these beliefs… no excuses.

The question is: do you know WHY you’re inconsistent?

There are a lot of reasons. Some of them are very deep and some of them are more surface-level.
How important is this?
If you don’t fix this, you will NEVER be successful. Never ever ever ever.
Stop committing to perfection. Instead commit to consistency.
You cannot commit to both at the same time.  Here’s what I mean. Imagine for a second, you are on a cut. All is going well, then one day, someone brings donuts into the office. 
You know you shouldn’t eat them, but you end up having 2-3.
Someone who is committed to consistency would see this as a little bump in the road and then continue on with their next meal as it should be. 
Now what happens if someone is committed to perfectionism?
Well after those donuts, things start to REALLY go down hill. Guilt, shame and negative emotions flood your system. You need to cleanse it somehow, leading to more destructive meal choices at the next meal.
Or worse, you rationalize saying because you screwed up in the morning, the day is lost and so you can go on a binge eating trip at every other point in the day. 
You’ll start fresh tomorrow right?
Wrong. This insidious behaviour is the main culprit behind many people’s physique problems.
Don’t let it destroy you. So, starting right now, COMMIT to consistency, day in and day out. 
And then watch the magic unfold.

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