3 Steps To Building A Badass Body – Interview

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Episode Highlights

–> 3 Steps to building your badass body

–> The killer mistakes, robbing you of your dream body

–> What to do if you actually get your dream body BUT don’t like it


Peter Tzemis is America's Honest Fitness Coach and loves green juice, reading books by or about great men, long walks on the beach, Marathon Lego-building sessions, Pokemon, meditation and defending his undefeated push-up contest. He is on a mission to change the lives and bodies of 100,000 Badasses Worldwide. He’s been featured by the media on all 6 livable continents and is routinely referred to as “as the best fitness coach in the world” ; ” Peter’s just…on another level.” and “ He should be illegal, that’s how good he is.” Peter concurs.

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