Ever see Rocky III?

In the climactic fight, Clubber Lang is beating the bejeezus out of Rocky. He’s taking a whuppin’.

And what’s Rocky’s response?

“Is that all you got?”

In a way, it’s kinda like my early career as a physique architect.

In the beginning, I deliberately tried to do it all at the same time. Fat loss. Muscle building. Six pack carving. Supplement optimization. Building a business.

I figured if I could do it all at once, I could make it anywhere.

And to make matters even more challenging, I was attempting to do it all while attending university full-time.

Because if I won, it’s like hitting the jackpot in Vegas.

In the beginning, IT WAS HARD. I got Clubber Lang pummeled. But like Rocky, I yelled “bring it on!” and took every punch.

Until one day, there came a point where everything I was trying became… doable.

I knew if I just stayed in the ring long enough and didn’t throw in the towel, things would get better and better.

Fat loss is kind of like driving a car.

The first day, you can only wonder how you’ll be able to drive while checking your blind spot to change lanes.

However, sooner than you thought you’ll be able to do that while on the phone and eating breakfast.

Today, not to brag or boast, I’ve helped many people (both regular and famous) build the body and life of their dreams.

I don’t know what problem you’re facing, but just because the scorecards are against you in the first eleven rounds, doesn’t mean you can’t land a knockout punch in the 12th.

Keep fucking going.


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