Think about what you want in terms of your health, your wealth, and your life. 

Think big, but big can mean quality, not quantity. 

I don’t care about cars. I want one, a solid, reliable truck. Houses don’t salt me either. I want one, with a good amount of land around it. 

With relationships, I want a good lady and then make some good babies. 

The quality of each, however, are great. 

So what stands in the way of the business empire I want to create, the life I want to live, the health I want to have and the body I want to create? 

1. Stupidity – A lack of knowledge. Weakness – A lack of discipline and physical strength. 

2. Vanity – Wanting things I don’t actually want or need (concerning myself with image more than value). 

3. Selfishness – Thinking about me more than the people around me or legacy. Lack of energy – This is a big one… 

There are more, many more, but let’s tackle these for now, they’re all things that are under our control, even energy. 

How to Have More Energy: 

1. Get excited about something. 

Being excited about what you’re doing and where you’re going provides you with energy that can’t be explained. 

Every day I think about my goals, the big ones, the land, the business, the family, the adventures, and I can’t help but get excited. 

Then, every month or so there’s a business idea that pops into my head that gives me so much energy in every area of my life that my quality and quantity of living explodes. 

Think about your goals, and be in tune with your ideas, get excited about them. 

2. Take A High Quality Greens Supplement 

I live by this stuff. For one, it saves time, by getting so much nutrients in one scoop,

Here’s how I do it… 

AM. Coffee + Nootropics time. 

Afternoon/PM. Greens Time 

It gives me a big jolt of energy that lasts. I usually take it after a workout to stop the flow of cortisol and get my body recovering optimally, but it also extends my energy post workout. 

If a workout is tough it can make me lethargic, greens prevents that lethargy and helps me kill it in the afternoon. 

3. Have someone you want to do this for. 

We’re men, we don’t work best when we’re focused on ourselves. When you have someone or some people you want to work hard for, to create a better life for, to be a better man for, you’re far more likely to get there. 

Having people you want to benefit, your folks, your lady, your kids, gives you an energy that a person solely focused on themselves simply cannot create. 

Write down who you’re doing this for…. 

… Who you’re becoming stronger for, wiser for, healthier for, more disciplined for. 

And then start doing it.


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