“Wow, that guy is such a WEIRDO.” 

“Omg I know… he’s so AWKWARD.”

“Why doesn’t he STOP already…?”

That’s what all the girls were saying at at the St. Lawrence Market in Hermosa Beach, California…

I was sitting out there one beautiful Saturday, surrounded by pretty girls, sunshine and a cool fall breeze. Who was this “weirdo’ everyone was talking about?

He was a scrawny 17 year old boy wearing sweatpants and a tank top.

Why were all the girls calling him awkward?

Here’s why: Every weekend, for as long as I can remember, this skinny little dude comes to the market. He puts on his headphones, he stands on top of a 2-foot concrete bench…

And he dances. For hours. 

With thousands of people watching him from the bars, the stores and the market.

This is FASCINATING to me, for 2 big reasons:

1, He is not a street performer. Nobody is paying him. 

Because he is NOT a good dancer. In his mind, I’m sure he feels like Michael Jackson…

But in reality, he looks more like a drunken gazelle, wiggling his bony arms and legs around in awkward rhythms. Of course, this is because he’s still learning and improving.

Nobody gets good at dancing without hours and hours of practice (same for any high-level skill).

2, This guy is IMMUNE to social pressure.

He doesn’t care how stupid or awkward he looks, and he doesn’t give a damn who stares at him. He just keeps dancing. Picture that for a second – he could have chosen to practice his dance moves behind closed doors at home, where no one could ever judge him. Instead, he stands on top of a freaking PEDESTAL, with thousands of people watching and judging…

That takes some serious f@#kin BALLS.

I remember sitting at the bar that one Saturday, listening to these girls make fun of him for looking awkward. And I suddenly felt angry. These girls all felt so comfortable and safe, sitting there on the patio.

They were in their comfort zone, surrounded by people who look the same, act the same and do the same things every weekend. And they had the nerve to judge this kid for being different…?

Then I realized… it’s not their fault. They were just doing what they’ve been programmed to do, the same as anyone else.

Just like the 99% of people in the world who have NO idea what it means to leave your comfort zone and do something that scares you.But you and I know differently, don’t we?

In our world, that skinny dancing teenager isn’t a weirdo…

He’s a HERO.

I guarantee you, he not only becomes a better dancer every single day. He becomes a better man, as well… because he’s not just training his body…

He’s training his mind to withstand social pressure, and to stop caring what people think of him. Imagine what you would do if you had that kind of CONFIDENCE… 

What would you do with that level of SOCIAL FREEDOM?

Would you still be living the life you have now, or would you reach for more?

How would your life be different if you felt FREE to do what you really wanted?

You’d be going for what you truly WANT… instead of settling for what you think you can get. Everyone says this – we all THINK we want the best out of life…

But do we really? What do our actions say?

For most other guys, their actions say they are content to do what everyone else does. And then they’re surprised when they get the same thing everyone else gets:


A mediocre salary at work.

A mediocre looking body.

Mediocre looking girls.

That’s the price of being comfortable and safe.

That’s the price of sitting on your ass at the bar and judging other people, instead of standing up there on the pier and putting something on the line…

You get a life that isn’t BAD… but isn’t GREAT either.

It’s just… average.

So the question for today is…

Are you okay with being average?

Are you okay with being friendly and safe with women… but never getting the wild, thrilling, passionate experiences you really want?

Are you okay with an average body?

Never getting the looks, the glances and never feeling that raw, powerful charisma that emanates from someone with a badass body. 

Are you okay with being middle class and just barely having enough to get by at the end of each month?

Or would you rather STEP UP and get better, hotter women in your life, more money and of course a body reserved for the Hollywood elite?

The kind of life that 99% of men will only dream about, simply because they never had the balls to try.

The choice is yours:

Either sit down with the comfortable crowd at the bar, or stand up and be the guy on the pedestal.

Be average, or be awesome.

Do epic shit today, my friend.


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