Creating Successful Students

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What if I told you there was a way you’ll never have to market a day in your life and have a highly profitable and successful business.

Would you do it?

I bet, you won’t.

Today I’m going to share the strategy and show you how to do it while challenge your thinking.


A few weeks ago, I decided to run an experiment. An experiment solely designed to increase the number of people who buy my courses or invest in a coaching program, to get their desired end results.

Yes I did something most “gurus” don’t.

Learning how to create, successful students.


Earlier this year I made it my #1 goal to help 10,000 people build the body of their dreams by Jan 1st, 2020. That’s just 3 years. And that’s a gigantic goal.

The main reason I settled on that goal is because I’m 1,000,000% convinced that with 10,000 people per year getting their health in check our world will drastically change for the better.

Better doctors, lawyers and school teachers.

Better solutions to problems like cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Better solutions to big world problems like poverty, food shortages and clean water.

The way I see it, right now, some of our smartest minds, the people who were born to solve these problems, are stuck dealing with their health. Whether its trying to be in better shape, or battling binge eating or trying to eat right, so they are around long enough to see their grand children – all there attention is focused on one thing:

Their health.

And don’t get me wrong, I believe through and through, that your health is the crux of your life. Without it, you have nothing.

However, if we can have successful fitness students, ones that go though a program (completely) and get results, instead of spending 5-10 years on a weight gain and loss cycle, we can free up their mental prowess to attack and solve all of these big problems.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that health care costs will go down, people will be generally happier, everyone will have more fun (and probably more sex too) AND it’s good for business.

Like really good.

To reach that goal of 10,000 successful students, I am going to have to get a lot better at everything I do and my staff and I are going to have to stay maniacally focused on that one goal.

In order to help us stay focused, we filter every major decision we make through the Body Graph™.

This graph is, well, important.

Why the body graph™ is really, really, really important

The journey to becoming one of my hall of fame students, is broken down into three major milestones.

Milestone #1: Leaning down to 8-10% bodyfat while maintaining strength

Milestone #2: Bulking up to 15% bodyfat while getting significantly stronger

Milestone #3: Carving the diamond and getting back down to 8-10% bodyfat with substantially more muscle and strength

Those three milestones form the basis of my Body Graph™.


Most people start out on this graph in the lower left-hand corner.

Sometimes they are very overweight and out of shape. Other times not.

They have limited knowledge no basic idea how to go from bottom left to top right.

But they’re eager and ready to do something.

To become a hall of fame student, they have to go through 4 different phases.


Phase #1: Fit body dreamer: A whole lot of dreaming, but no clue what to do.

Phase #2: Have what it takes?: Not really sure they can actually do it

Phase #3: Might make it: It’s getting hard but I think I can do this.

Phase #4: Hall of Fame student: BOOM! DID IT!

Each phase has its own unique challenges and struggles.

But a successful student will navigate all 4.

Here is where it gets tricky though.

Most people who start this journey will not complete it.

They won’t reach the Hall of Fame.

Each phase has roadblocks and challenges that cause people to drop off and quit.


We call these the Cliff Moments.

For people Dreamer phase, those Cliff Moments look like…

1Deciding on the program they are going to use

2What supplements to take

3Should they be going to the gym everyday

4Eating Breakfast or not

5Should they being doing cardio

At any point, a person on their journey to the Hall of Fame could reach one of these items and experience a Cliff Moment. If they do they’ll almost always quit.

If they get stumped on picking out the program they’ll try out, then they’ll never move forward, they’ll never get to the getting stronger phase, then life will get in the way and shortly after they’ll quit.

Then they’ll never realize they have legit potential, they never run for president and we’re all left sitting here trying to decide between Trump and Clinton, all the while shaking our heads and wondering how on earth it got to this point.

I’ll tell you how…

The person who should have run experienced a Cliff moment, fell off and quit.


How to Actually Create Successful Students

Alright, sorry for the long intro, but none of the rest of this would make sense if you didn’t first understand the lens through which we are running this business.

Our job, to create successful students, is to do a few things:

Goal #1: Figure out what the Hall of Fame looks like for our users.

Goal #2: Know the major milestones our users have to pass in order to reach the Success Line.

Goal #3: Identify the Cliff Moments for each milestone.

Goal #4: Keep those Cliff Moments from causing our peeps to quit by teaching people strategies to overcome them.

Let me break it down for you using my business as an example.

Goal 1 – My Hall of Fame Student would be someone who has achieved their ideal body!

Goal 2 – The major milestones they would have to pass include losing weight, gaining muscle and strength, losing fat while keeping the new muscle/strength.

Goal 3 – Within the first milestone, cliff moments include:

  1. Deciding on the program they are going to use
  2. What supplements to take
  3. Should they be going to the gym everyday
  4. Eating Breakfast or not
  5. Should they being doing cardio

Goal 4 – Providing solutions in the form of free articles, ebooks, guides and coaching services.

Your Turn

Successful students are the single best point of optimization in your business.

Take a look at your star client. What ladder did you move him or her up to get them there? What steps were necessary. What traps did they have to overcome to become a successful student.

Break it all down. Now, have an answer to every single Cliff Moment. That way you make creating successful students, inevitable.

Create 1,000s of them and you’ll never have to market a day in your life.


Peter Tzemis is America's Honest Fitness Coach and loves green juice, reading books by or about great men, long walks on the beach, Marathon Lego-building sessions, Pokemon, meditation and defending his undefeated push-up contest. He is on a mission to change the lives and bodies of 100,000 Badasses Worldwide. He’s been featured by the media on all 6 livable continents and is routinely referred to as “as the best fitness coach in the world” ; ” Peter’s just…on another level.” and “ He should be illegal, that’s how good he is.” Peter concurs.

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