People underestimate their potential. Almost all of us do. 

It’s not out of humility, as few are genuinely humble enough to try to learn something from everyone. It’s more because of who they’ve been told they are and what they’ve accomplished up until now. 

I’m in this boat as well. 

Pretty much everyone has a limited view of what they can be, so of course they’re going to have a limited view of what you can be. 

That’s why it’s so important to read history and biographies. You see how seemingly average men can become great. 

Which brings me to the second point: it’s always over time. 

What You’ve Accomplished Thus Far In Life Isn’t What You’re Stuck With.

This isn’t your capacity, and it doesn’t matter your age!!! 

We live in a culture that wants everything now, but that’s not how it works. You need around a decade of daily hard work in pursuit of a single goal to become anywhere near a master. 

But people flip flop. 

They jump from thing to thing, dream to goal to fad never realizing their potential because they’ve never given themselves enough TIME to realize it. 


Don’t give a rats ass what other people think. If you have a goal, do everything in your power to accomplish it. 

Make new friends. Read every book you can on the topic. Study daily. Work while others play and adventure while others rest. 

Then, persist. 

Figure out what this standard of being is, and be it every day of your life. 

Now, get after it. 


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