Since being featured in ASKMEN, offers for product endorsements, celebrity training opportunities and speaking gigs have been coming in left, right and centre. 

Naturally I am fucking stoked. But to be honest I am also terrified.

You see… I have a fear of public speaking. Like most public speaking, no matter how many times I do it scares the shit out of me (I actually threw up before I spoke for my first time in front of 500+ people)

I mean it is said that more people fear public speaking then they do death. I think thats a slight exaggeration. But…I know that it really isn’t fear that stops people.

It’s actually their comfort zones.

Like you, my comfort zone was like…

“Peter it’s scary to speak in front of 500 people you should just keep doing what your doing and not do it.”

And That, Right There, Is Where Average People Get Stuck

Guys like us though… we push thru.

I immedietly told my comfort zone to fvck off. I have lives to change and value to give the world. Then I committed to speaking. Am I still scared?

Hell ya. But now I am excited. Because when you decide to face your fears that is when the good shit happens. That is when you grow as a person.

So if you find yourself scared of something I urge you to have a little talk with your comfort zone. Tell her that it’s time for you to take a little break. You are making a pivot in your life and you want to explore new things.

Make it clear to her that it’s not her, it’s you.

And you are sorry for any inconvenience your previous relationship has caused but now it’s time for her to go latch onto someone else.

Then politely (and enthusiastically) say…

Fuck YOU comfort zone! It’s time for me to do epic shit.

Nothing Good Happens Inside Your comfort Zone

There’s no growth, no evolution. Nothing good happens when you’re comfortable either. 

Comfort is waiting, it’s weakening, it’s devolving. 

Evolution occurs only under extreme stress. That’s how you evolve in the gym, by putting your body through stress. It shouldn’t be a comfortable place. 

You evolve as a man by doing what other men are unwilling to do. By working harder, becoming self-reliant, studying instead of watching others live their lives. 

Think about the areas of your life where you’re most comfortable. 

Do you have a routine that doesn’t push you? 

Is your fall back action to look at your phone? 

Do you rest at your day’s end in front of the TV? 

Have you stayed in your hometown because it’s safe and familiar? 

What about your job, are you pushing yourself enough? 

Every day should be stressful, but not in the ‘worry’ sense. It should be filled with action and focus rather than ease and relaxation. 

Identify your comfort zones and set out to break through them if you want to grow, evolve, and improve. If you’re content with remaining as you are for the rest of your life, then keep doing as your doing. 


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