According to the dictionary, dimensionalize or dimensionalization does not exist. And yet, it’s one of the most potent hypnotic writing secrets A-list copywriter’s use to successfully move people to action.

In the advertising world, dimensionalization is actually a verb. It means to add layers. Simply put, dimensionalization occurs when you take a benefit that the reader could receive from your product (like weight loss)… and add a few layers to it (have their partner look at them like they did when they first met.)

Adding dimensions to your advertising makes everything feel more real like you can taste the feeling. Dimensionalizaiton turns 2D into 4D.

A-list copywriting makes everything feel more real. The problem you’re solving, the consequences of not solving it, the solution… and of course
the reasons’s why they’d want that solution.

And the more REAL you make it feel, the better response you’ll get.

Benefits vs Features vs Dimensionalization

If you read some of the oldest marketing books, you learn the value of selling benefits, not features. In Jordan Belfort’s terms, you don’t sell the pen; you sell ideas that come with it. This pen may inspire the next great American novel, wouldn’t you want that to be you? If you’re a copywriter, this pen can help you generate an extra 6-7 figures a year for you and your clients. 

Features are what a product has. Benefits are what the product gives the user. Dimensionalization takes this a step further and includes the question: 

“But, what does that really mean?”

Let’s go back to our pen example. An important feature could be that it holds more ink than its competition. 165% more, to be exact. A benefit could be that it helps you stay in the flow, write for longer, and allow you to do your best work for longer. I guess a few people would buy this pen for that boring claim. 

To dimensionalize it, simply ask yourself: what does that really mean?

If you can write for longer, then you wont’ be interrupted, and you can be more captivating and inspiring.

What does that really mean?

It means you’ll be more successful as a writer, become a rockstar, and maybe even have your books made into movies.

What does that really mean? 

Your books will become so famous that you’ll become immortal.

That’s how you dimensionalize a – YAWN- boring benefit; turning a simple pen that holds 150% more ink and turning into a weapon of influence, power, and a springboard to stardom and immortality. 

The pen becomes the first day of the rest of their life, the fulfillment of their dreams, their desires, and their ultimate destiny.

How to write dimensionalized benefits on demand 

The easiest way to create dimensionalized benefits is to use the 5-Why chart I learned from a friend. It looks like this:

This chart helps you by zooming out and seeing the bigger impact a simple product can have on the reader’s life. 

In the first column, you write the feature of your offer. This is where the 165% more ink would go. In the next column, you can list the benefit of this. Then every column after you keep listing the benefits associated with the previous column, asking yourself: what does this really mean?

You don’t have to fill out all 5 columns (I almost never do), but the more you can, the better. The important thing is to reflect on which dimensionalized benefit hits the core of your target audience, and use that as much as you can in your copywriting. 

If you are still having trouble with the dimensionalization, just imagine walking your prospect through what their life will be like once they finally get their hands on the product and use it. Then write about it in the most visceral way possible.

Your turn

Dimensionalization is powerful stuff. When done properly, this is powerful stuff because your product becomes the fulfillment of your prospect’s ultimate desire.

Features don’t sell well because they are telling the prospect how cool and awesome the product is. Dimensions show it. They demonstrate the ownership experience and the life transformation that can occur. 

Dimensionalization allows your reader to temporarily feel the power of your product once they buy it, creating a painful disconnect in their subconscious to influence their decision to buy now. Because if they don’t, they won’t get to experience all that in real life.


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