It seems the coveted 6 pack abs status is only for the elite, genetically gifted or hollywood celebrities. I’m here to call bullshit.

Everyone can get a nice set of abs or a flat stomach “if they put the work in” . If you’re reading this, I can tell that you were meant for 6 pack abs. Period. Let me show you the road.

Getting 6 pack abs is all about getting to a low body fat percentage. For guys that usually means below 11%.

You were born with abs. And after years of sitting, devouring pounds of fluffy delicious clouds (aka ice cream) and training your liver They are now simply hiding under a layer of life -sapping, energy robbing fat. Fortunately for us there are only 2 steps involved to joining the 6 pack club.

The First Step Towards Washboard Abs Is To Lose Fat.

You do this by eating less calories then you burn. Get your diet in check first because it provides 80% of the results.

1. Calculate your maintenance calories. Your current bodyweight x 14.5

2. Calculate your deficit. Goal bodyweight x 12 or x 11 if you want to be aggressive.

3. Now that you have your calories, set your macronutrient ratios accordingly.

35% Protein, 35% Carbs , 30% Fat

4. Stay consistent to the course. It took you years to pack on that spare tire. Its not gonna magically disappear in a month.

5. Track everything that you eat. I mean everything. Be obsessive for the first month. That splash of milk in your coffee? Yes track that. That innocent finger dip into the Nutella jar when no one is looking? Definitely log that one.

Now the second part is to actually develop the abs and train them so that when you do reveal them, they will look like they’ve been photoshopped on.

Deal? Good.

Follow this abs routine 3 days a week. You may perform this after your usual strength training session or on its own.

The Badass Abs Finisher Routine…

Perform 1 set of each exercise subsequently with little to no rest in between sets. Rest 1 Minute between circuits. Perform the this circuit 3 times.

Plank 1-3 Min.
(Weighted) Hanging leg raises 12-15 reps.
Side to Side knee ups. 12-15 reps.

That’s it.

You don’t need to confuse your muscles (last time I checked, your muscles lacked cognitive ability) or do tons of ab work. Simply put your head down, train your abs 3 days a week, hit your calories and macronutrients consistently.

Consistency is key. Nothing fails like success. Don’t cheat because you’ve been good. Cheat, because you’ve achieved your goal.

You were born with abs, its now time to strip away the years of belly fat built up and reveal the hard work too the world.