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Article Submissions

The first rule of writing for Peter Tzemis Fitness is:

Do not suck

The second rule is:

Do not suck.

Over the years, we’ve received more pitches than we can count, and even more direct submissions on top of that. All very flattering, of course.

That being said, we are pleased to announce that going forward, we will be consistently accepting submissions and pitches for articles of all kinds.

And so, if you have a great idea for a story related to fitness, sex & relationships, health, business & money, or a generally cool lifestyle idea, we would love to hear it.

Submission Guidelines

1. Put sugar in your hamburger – Like McDonald’s used to infuse sugar into their burgers to stand out, It’s your responsibility to make sure your shit is great. In other words, we ask that you take writing for us seriously, and put a lot of work into.

2. Tailor it to us – Our voice, our style (yes, you can fucking swear) and our length (800-1500 words). Nothing is more annoying than getting some blanket pitch that you can tell went out to 15 other websites. If you send one of those, your ideas will not be considered, now or ever.

3. Take action – While you can submit either pitches OR complete articles, we prefer for writers to send us a fully written piece. If you send us a pitch, the answer will almost always be, “sounds like a cool idea, write it up and let’s see how it turns out.” So, you may as well save yourself some time and just write it first. From there, if it doesn’t get accepted, at least you’ve got a high quality article for your own site.

4. Take chances – Just because we’ve never published an article on something doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to do so; it just means we haven’t found the right person to tackle that assignment.

5. Make Good Art – ‘Nough said


Submission Process

Fill out the form below to submit your piece. That being said, we also need the following things included in your submission.

AUTHOR BYLINE – This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget. At the top of the article, please include your name.

AUTHOR BIO – Please include a brief (80 words max) bio paragraph about yourself, including links to any sites, products, or social media outlets you’d like us to mention (up to 2 links total).

AUTHOR HEADSHOT – We need a picture of you. Make it sexy.

ARTICLE TITLE & SUBTITLE – Please do not send us a submission with a note that says, I don’t know what to call this. Instead, come up with a comprehensive title that states your idea, as well as a descriptive subtitle that explains it further.

For example, if this page was an article, it might be called, “A Brief Note About Article Submissions: How to Give Yourself the Best Chance of Getting Published.” Between the title and subtitle, you know exactly what you’re getting.

ARTICLE FORMATTING – In addition to being generally well written, your article should be well organized. Break up your paragraphs, and be sure to use headlines to separate topics.

This makes for easier editing, and easier reading. Taking things a bit further, please make sure to use bold, italics, and underlining to create emphasis where applicable and/or necessary. Keep in mind, this is one of the ways you dictate “tone” in writing, and it’s what helps your voice shine through.Use your voice, rather than rely on us to create one for you.

ARTICLE SUMMARY – Nothing crazy, just a 2-3 sentence summary we can use as an excerpt. Think in terms of a Tweet or Facebook post.

ARTICLE PICTURES & VIDEO – The main thing is to only use as many as is necessary, and never to shoehorn them in. It should add to the experience of reading the article, not distract from it.

A good rule of thumb is that for every 800-1000 words, one well-placed picture or video can make a huge difference. Feel free to use just about any picture that’s relevant, as long as you’re sure to give proper photo credit. )We’d prefer that any and all videos you include in the article be your property, however.)


Please drop a few links to some of your better articles; we'd love to check out some of your work! (NOTE: separate links with sign , on your keyboard)

Please give us a BRIEF description of your article idea, including category (fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, sex, business, etc.)

Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, pages.
Already have a full article written, edited, and ready to go? Awesome! Submit it here!

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You will just receive weekly fitness tips.